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Working and Teaching Beyond Conventional Wisdom:  Trained  in Hypnosis, Certified Professional Coach, Relationship Counselor, Addiction Recovery Coach, Grief Support and, a highly recognized intuitive.


Ask a question that has great importance in your life...                     It is beyond time to get serious about the changes in your life.                          I am so glad that this site has worked so well for so many!


    A unique site designed just for you!  This is a place to find answers for your questions.  Judy's ability to discuss almost any issue will enable her to respond to your question.  This site is particularly good for anyone that does not want to schedule a full appointment, but has one question that they want to ask.  A good place to ask a question that can be answered fairly briefly!



 Welcome!  Join me inside...

    Every great adventure begins with the first step.  Many years ago I remember someone asking me about an infant son that had recently died.  With that single question, and the answers that followed, an incredible spiritual journey began unfolding.  Each person will approach this part of their life in different ways and at different times.  Whatever your level of growth and understanding, this can be a source of information that will help you.

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Quoting a radio talk show host, "I think I did my best two hours of radio…Though I had no frame of reference for someone who says, "You can ask me about anything," I now at least appreciate the honesty of that remark. I have never, and may not ever again interview someone with whom there are no boundaries."

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